domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010


once upon a time you said,  "in the worst part of my life, YOU apear"
weel, you apear just one week after my worst part.
my heart is hers, one and only. but if thath is true wy?
wy can't I ignore you, don't care about you?

I don't even seen you and you al ready drive me crazy
I don't even stand by your side and I image about you
I do know taths is wrogn, but i still ask you
I do know thath I love her, but sometimes I hate her.

I'll do watherver to takes to be faithfull to my self
And never do things thath I sure regret
But, thath figth, thath strugle, thath desert
will be the hardest one of all the deserts thath i been

now you know, the mask fall down.
thath I'am week , but in Jesus i'm invencible
hope resist your love, hope never love you.


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mi paraiso es el fin del especismo

mi paraiso es el fin del especismo

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